The majority of heart failure patients are cared for not by heart failure specialists but by primary care providers, nurse practitioners, PA’s and general cardiologists. CHFCare was developed to be a practical site for these providers. The site is meant to be simple and not bogged down with theory or investigative possibilities and discussions of future therapies. To paraphrase: This site is about going to war with therapies we have, not the ones we wish we had or the ones we’ll have next year. The site is about treatment of heart failure in all its forms and is all about getting the best outcomes. Heart failure is a very personal condition that varies from person to person and treatment should similarly be individualized. helps by identifying the nuances which may make one drug better than another. You will get the benefit of decades of clinical experience in management and care of heart failure. Your feedback and support is critical to making a simple and straight forward knowledge depository such as this site work. Please feel free to look around, comment, share, and contribute.


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