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  • CHFCare.org was created to meet a simple need: A practical website without fluff or nonsense to guide heart failure management. 
  • We discuss only the facts. What works. What doesn’t. What to do. When to do it. When to stop it. 
  • This site was created by and is curated by practicing clinicians for practicing clinicians-in other words practicality rules. 
  • Editorial board is chaired by a board certified heart failure and transplant cardiologist (Chief Medical Editor) and co-chaired by a CHF ARNP (Managing  Editor)  
  • We welcome your insight and comments.

Thank you for your care and commitment to patients! 

Acute Heart Failure
Manage competing challenges of quality of care, length of stay, and readmission risk.
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Clinical Heart Failure
Achieve target doses of evidence proven therapies using STEPPED CARE system.
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Heart Failure Device Therapy
Selection of most appropriate device therapy requires combining patient needs, clinical experience, and evidence-based criteria…
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Exercise Training and Cardiac Rehabilitation
Use exercise training and CHF cardiac rehabilitation to improve quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, and get to target doses of medical therapy.
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Office Management

Hospital Management

Device Management

Mechanical Support

Achieve Clinical Excellence

“Stop chasing quality measures and transform your current program into a high performing CHFCare System.”  

  • Move beyond a CHF clinic to a CHFCare system with the appropriate structure and processes to consistently deliver high quality outcomes 
  • CHFCare Systems are designed to provide consistent clinical excellence-every patient, every time
  • Quality is NOT an outcome; Quality is an attribute of the outcome
  • CHFCare Systems integrate with  electronic medical records to facilitate care communications for perfect patient handoffs
  • Tools such as “STEPPED CARE” medication titration, health status tracking tool (HST) and our proprietary success inventory tools (SITs) are fully integrated
  • The first deliverable lays out a comprehensive assessment of your current program and areas of excellence and identifies deficits and challenges.
  • Through iterative participatory action research (iPAR), continuous quality improvement and adaptive systematic change are designed into every CHFCare system 
Heart Failure Management System

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